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How do employee self service shifts work

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How it works

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Allday Time Systems integrated system now offers a comprehensive choice of integrated hosted web based solutions.

Initially you can choose if you want a fully comprehensive solution known as FreeTime or a if your working arrangements are more simple you can choose our Primetime Web solution. Each of these can be added to to suit your needs.  As the system has been designed to integrate you can even choose one package and take some features from the other package.

Simply select the level of system you require and follow the links to subscribe to that service.

Then depending on your need select and purchase an attendance terminal.


System Levels

Primetime Web

Alldays integrated hosted solutions are designed for all size organisations. For those that want a basic easy to use web hosted time attendance solution we recommend Primetime Web this has many starting options giving you the ability to add and remove features as required.

This solution starts off at a Free level , including the ability to add and save your employee basic detail calculate employee hours and overtime and store your employees standard working week .You can add features when you like so you never need to pay for features you do not want or need. Create a free account

You can also add for a small monthly fee the ability to import attendance records from a file that your attendance terminal creates to usb flash drive. You also get Attendance and personnel reports, including reports via email. the ability to allow for late entry grace and early exit allowance and rounding of the attendance totals to avoid those odd minutes adding up. More info

Further features can also be added as well as the features mentioned above you can add the ability to connect an Attendance Terminal for live data transfer. Also this level benefits from an employee absence calendar so you can book and manage your employee absences too. Select this level

Competitively priced mail order Time Attendance Terminals also available. Find out more

FreeTime Web

If your requirements are for a more comprehensive attendance solution  you may be better to look at our Freetime web Time Attendance solution 

Freetime is a comprehensive hosted and fully supported attendance solution suitable for all size of organisation from 20 to 20,000 employees and offers our most advanced rules engine and a full suite of attendance features suitable for the most demanding requirements. UK National hardware installation service available. Find out more

Select your Time Attendance System Level
Select your Time Attendance System Level

How much does it cost

Select you Time Attendance System Level
Select you Time Attendance System Level

Start at a level you need

Clock Card Calculator entry level is free.  Tell me more or create an account

Primetime web monthly subscription costs from £5.00 per month. Tell me more

FreeTime  a comprehensive hosted time attendance package with no upfront costs from £10 per Week. Tell me more


Options and Hardware

Employee Self Service Shifts costs from £15.00 per month. Tell me more

Mobile attendance app + geo locate costs from £15.00 per month. Tell me more

Fingerprint WiFi attendance terminal from £209. Tell me more

RFID WiFi attendance terminal from £179. Tell me more

PIN entry attendance terminal from £179. Tell me more

Call us for advice or further information Tel: 01252 544457

How do employee self service shifts work

Employee Self Service Shifts

Managers who are tied down with the requirement to build and maintain employee shift rotas will appreciate our latest feature.

Using our new WebManager hosted software service you can empower your flexible workforce to choose the shifts that suit them leaving your managers free to do other tasks and not waste time building and altering shift rotas.

Its So Easy

Managers select the required shifts they need to be worked for each day and how many staff they need for this. (they can even copy all shifts from the day before or from last week to save even more time)

Employees log in and select the shifts that suit them to work.

If employees change their mind they can drop the shift again (If it is not too close to its start day managers will determine how many days before shift starts this shift can be dropped up to)

Managers will get automated emails notifying them of shift vacancy’s not yet selected for upcoming shifts these can be set to notify for tomorrow or the next few days or the next week as required.

Managers can log in and select employees to fill non selected shifts and employees are notified via email of the shift allocation.

Employees and managers get a full view of who is working what shift and when so they can avoid any possible conflicts and assure the right people with the correct skills are going to be present for each shift.

Employees can optionally (if manager will allow) set availability so they are not selected for shifts they cannot attend.

Subscribe to Employee Self Service Shifts

Create a new Free WebManager account

Contact us for more info +44(0)1252 544457

How can my employees record their Attendance

Recording Employee Attendance

Employee attendance can be recorded with the use of an Attendance terminal that will link to the system. Attendance records created by fingerprint /RFID card or Fob/ or Pin entry can be automatically sent and processed to the system producing attendance hours for your employees.

Alternative options are also available such as the use of the mobile app so your employees can clock IN and OUT on a smart phone or tablet. Data can also be imported from your existing attendance terminal via usb file transfer if the attendance terminal supports this feature. Managers can also enter data directly into the system onto the time card of the employee. Time cards can be auto populated with that employees normal work times and then edited by exception.

Attendance Terminal choices

Allday Time can supply a variety of attendance equipment which will link to our online hosted solutions. choices are dependent on which hosted solution you opt for but include :-

  • Fingerprint Reader or  Palm Vein Reader
  • RFID card  reader or Keyfob reader
  • Built in WiFi / PIN Entry /

More info about our cloud based attendance system

More info about our Fingerprint RFID attendance time clocks